Devices Data Base


InfoGin’s Device Management & Database
module combines a single point of device configuration with a unified Device Management & Database solution.
Using an intuitive management tool, this module includes a comprehensive database of over 13,500 devices and a unique, automated device learning mechanism, making it one of the world's most updated and comprehensive mobile devices data bases.

  • Supporting thousands of predefined devices.
  • Providing automated learning tools for the addition of new devices in real time.
  • Updating and customizing any existing operator on-site device database, according to operator requirements using the latest and most complete data from InfoGin’s while using the Centralized Device Database.
  • Enabling definition of hundreds of properties defined for each device.
  • Including an API, using a Web service with external device databases, such as the operator’s own database.

Supporting advanced features, such as:
  • Managing the device database in a hierarchical tree structure
  • Searching the device database using any specified attribute
  • Setting generic rules based on network bandwidth
  • Setting unique rules for a specific or a family of devices
  • Applying insertion of new properties to all devices
  • Configuring new device attributes using an intuitive Device
  • Configuration Wizard™ (DCW™)

  • Providing one point ofconfiguration and rules for all devices
  • Supporting additional services and tasks within the operator network
  • Providing immediate service by detecting and dynamically configuring new devices
  • Resolving device complexity by using a unified and single device management solution
  • Providing mobile users with the most rewarding browsing experience available for their mobile device
  • Reducing operator expenses and resources for managing new and existing devices
  • Enhancing and utilizing operator’s existing device database
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