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To build a truly mobile optimized web experience , contact us at: info@infogin.com
InfoGin’s patented platform and development tools and services are the complete suite of mobile browsing solutions to any service or content provider.
Our clear mission from day one, nearly 12 years ago: 
Bring the Ultimate Browsing Experience to Any Mobile Device!
We support the largest and most complicated mobile services in the world from top tier mobile operators, Internet search providers and top 500 fortune companies. 

InfoGin pioneered the market with a revolutionary patented automatic engine that enables any Website to be mobile ready, from a fully automatic to a fully customized solution.

Our Unique Selling Points: 

  • The pioneer and leading innovator in mobile browsing solutions since 2000
  • Unique and Patented technologies, such as the award-winning Content & Functionality Adaptation platform and the Intuitive Web based Visual Design Tool
  • Award-winning Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™)
  • Supports over 14,000 mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, feature phones, game consoles, e-readers and IPTVs
  • Already serving more than a billion page views per month
  • Scalable architecture
  • Optimized mobile web solutions designed to allow best-of-breed user experience
  • Serving a full range of customers from small and medium enterprises, to large publishers and top tier search providers and mobile carriers worldwide
  • Slash time-to-market
  • End-to-end security solution
  • Option for customized, tailor-made and optimized mobile site by the GinWiz professional team
  • Optimizing Web technologies including HTML5, Adobe Flash and Java-Scripts to fit all devices
  • Enables content providers to effectively monetize their mobile content

To build a truly mobile optimized Web experience, contact us at: info@infogin.com

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