Smartphone Web Optimizer


Out of the hundreds of millions of Websites available today, only a small fragment have a mobile-friendly version that allows smartphone users to enjoy a truly satisfactory mobile browsing experience. For the rest, smartphones may only display website content in what is called “classic PC-view”, forcing users to zoom in and out, double tap to focus on a specific area or move the web page right and left.

InfoGin's Smartphone Web-Optimizer enables publishers, advertisers, website owners, yellow pages, search providers and mobile carriers to allow users an optimal smartphone browsing experience of any website.  Built on InfoGin’s award-wining and patented Content & Functionality Adaptation solution, the Smartphone Web Optimizer allows users to enjoy their smartphones advanced features while browsing Web rich content.  The Smartphone Web Optimizer automatically analyses Web content, renders it according to the content importance and optimizes it to the operator's network characteristics. 

For mobile operators, InfoGin’s Smartphone Web-Optimizer achieves up to 30 % data savings and further increases revenues from their portal content by including InfoGin’s Content Overlay solution into their services. Content Overlay is a clientless, non-intrusive browsing solution that allows mobile operators to present toolbars and content from their portals during their subscribers’ browsing session, while offering a smart, efficient and rewarding user experience on any smartphone.

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