IMP Benefits


InfoGin's Intelligent Mobile Platform
™ (IMP) offers mobile carriers and publishers a large range of benefits: 

  • Proven 3-6 months ROI
  • Increased monthly data ARPU by 20%
  • More than doubling of the data plan adoption rate
  • Up to 80% reduction in browsing-related network OPEX
  • Generation of five times more advertising real estate
  • Increase in the carrier's portal traffic
  • Exposure of  users to other carrier-selected data services
  • Users churn rate reduction
  • Savings of over 80% on overall OPEX of handling new & existing mobile devices
    (single point of configuration for all mobile devices)
  • Fixing mobile device issues at the server side vs. dependence on content providers or clients

To find out more about how you can gain from using our solutions, contact us at: info@infogin.com - we'll be happy to help!

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