Intelligent Mobile Platform

Based on its Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP), InfoGin’s Complete Suite of Mobile Browsing Solutions enables users to enjoy the ultimate mobile browsing experience – combining Presentation, Smart Navigation, as well as preserving the Web’s rich functionalities on any mobile device. In addition, InfoGin’s solutions provide professional content authoring and development tools for manually customizing existing Web sites as well as developing any mobile content.

InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™) enables automatic and real-time optimal adaptation of any content written in any markup language (Web-HTML, i-mode [i/xHTML], WAP [WML 1.X, WML 2.0], sHTML, XML and RSS content) to any mobile device, regardless of the device type, without compromising the Web’s richness and functionality.
The IMP offers a range of solutions, from a fully automatic intelligent conversion engine to professional content editing and development tools that enable complete control over the delivered information.

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Understanding the Visual Aspects of the Web Page: InfoGin’s technology automatically analyzes in real time the Web page content and determines the meaning of each and every object in the page. The objects are then prioritized according to their importance. An adaptation layer reformats the content according to the device’s physical and network characteristics. This way, the surfing experience is raised to the highest possible level, which looks and feels as if the Web page has been manually customized for the specific device.  

Enabling New Navigation Aids Within the Mobile Page: With Access Links icons and Smart Navigation features, users can reach the desired content with minimum number of clicks. 

Overcoming Technology Gaps Between Web and the Mobile Worlds: Users can access Web sites regardless of their device capabilities or the site’s advanced functionalities. The IMP mobilizes rich technologies, including multimedia streaming, JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, image maps, RSS and XML content and much more. 

Streamlining Web Content Delivery:
Traffic Optimization and Denial of Service Protection ensure efficient delivery of Web content. 

Customizing New and Existing Web Content for the Mobile Environment: InfoGin’s intuitive, easy to use content editing and development tools enable quick redesign of content for mobile browsing. The InfoGin Markup Language Extension™ (IGML™) optimizes new content for display on mobile devices. 

Maximizing any Device Capabilities: InfoGin’s proprietary device database includes over 13,500 mobile devices with hundreds of attributes for each device, which capture the device’s physical and functional capabilities as well as the Web’s characteristics, providing users with the most rewarding mobile browsing experience.

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