InfoGin is the pioneer and leading innovator in mobile browsing solutions for publishers, search providers and mobile carriers. InfoGin services provide the ultimate surfing experience on any mobile device. With over eleven years of research & development, InfoGin has played a major role in designing, shaping, and implementing the mobile vision and product offerings of some of the world’s top-tier publishers, Internet players and mobile carriers across the globe.
As the world goes mobile at full speed, content providers, as well as website owners, must seize the opportunity and offer users a mobile optimized Web experience, accessible from any mobile device. Serving more than a billion page views per month, InfoGin helps its customers worldwide to achieve these goals by creating optimized mobile services with minimum time-to-market and ultimate browsing experience, on more than 14,000 different mobile devices – including smartphones, tablets, feature phones, game consoles, e-readers and IPTVs.
From its award-winning Intelligent Mobile PlatformTM (IMP™), InfoGin’s patented solutions uniquely analyze the website content, determining the meaning of each and every element in the Web page, and optimally adapting it to fit into a great mobile experience with rich functionality.
InfoGin's complete suite of mobile browsing solutions range from fully Automatic to Advanced Design Tools, from Smartphone Web Optimizer to Intelligent Automatic Content and Functionality Adaptation to client-less, personalized Content Overlay and Toolbars -  covering the main aspects and challenges of today’s most advanced and updated browsing abilities expected by ever-demanding mobile users.   
InfoGin’s products have been commercially deployed since 2002 with top-tier carriers, search providers and publishers across the globe.
Founded in 2000, InfoGin is a privately owned company headquartered in the US.

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