Look out, here comes InfoGin... I met InfoGin earlier this year. The demo of its technology and services was a breath of fresh air: they give all Internet sites (mobile-enabled or not) the look and feel of the web on a handset - seamlessly. Tricky navigation is avoided and users achieve a simple, streamlined experience. The company name comes from the gin device used in the cotton industry: it separated the cotton fibers from the seedpods and other extraneous material.
Bena Roberts, GOMO News

"We selected InfoGin's solution to quickly meet rising consumer demand for mobile search and browsing services. With InfoGin we make it easier than ever for mobile users to access their favorite Web sites and services on the go"
Eric Engstrom, Senior Vice President of Product, AOL's Wireless Group

"InfoGin has a neat web-to-mobile content adaptation solution"
Mobile Business, 'Wanting the Web'

"BASE must continue parent KPN's partnership with InfoGin to make its i-mode content services easy to use via any mobile Internet platform..."
"...and with the help of InfoGin, users will have a strong user experience, regardless of which medium they are using" Current Analysis Competitive Intelligence report: Belgian Mobile Operators Collaborate to Launch
pLAZzZA Mobile Search Engine

"It's a great tool for us because we can either do no editing and just use the Internet at large; we can take a destination – an AOL.com destination – and bring it up to mobile web fairly quickly with just some light editing; or we can really go in and really engineer the application, such as we've done with search, where we've really optimized search for the mobile phone. We have these three different mechanisms and InfoGin technology allows us that flexibility and that strength. It also gives us a lot more visibility on how users use these applications on the web. So, we're actually able to see what's more relevant. We're able to, almost in real time, optimize the web pages for the type of use to be expected"
Bill Schwebel, SVP for wireless services, AOL


"To achieve a greater hold on its part of the hotly competitive mobile market, AOL has partnered with InfoGin Ltd to transcode web pages for viewing on the smaller handheld screens. Most importantly, the expanded alliance with InfoGin extends PC browser-based search to the mobile platform. This provides AOL with greater opportunities to deliver paid search ads, particularly local business ads, to users. Local search figures to be a multi-billion dollar market in a few years"
webpronews.com, 'AOL much ado about mobile'

"Our cooperation with InfoGin will make it possible for even more KPN subscribers in the Netherlands to enjoy compelling mobile content.” “InfoGin's superior Web to content adaptation technology, performance, focus and vision has helped us to continue leading the way with attractive and innovative content services on any mobile device."
Erik Eising, director of portfolio management and innovation at KPN Mobile

"This is another step in enhancing user experience in the cellular content service we offer our customers. InfoGin's IMP™ solution enables Cellcom customers to benefit from leading Internet portals such as One-Sport, Zimerim, Tapuz and more, directly from their cellular handsets."
Raanan Tsemach, vice president of advanced services and Internet engineering, Cellcom

"Mobile browsing is constrained not only by devices and networks, but also by the inability to deliver traditional HTML content in a user-friendly, compressed, and appropriately rendered fashion without the expense of manual data transcoding and formatting.
One solution that we found particularly exciting is from an Israeli company called InfoGin."
Mobile Internet and Applications - Equity Research Technology, Bear Stearns

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