iPhone Offers “Unprecedented” Web Surfing but this Capability Already Exists, Says InfoGin

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The eagerly awaited iPhone launches in the US today. With powerful internet capabilities onboard, courtesy of Apple’s Safari, the iPhone is a great MP3 player and mobile phone, with the added functionality of the real internet and email on a handheld device. Users can view web sites as they should be seen, with the ability to zoom in to an area of interest on the page. Recent reviews of the iPhone claim its web surfing capabilities are unprecedented. It is arguably the first mobile device to display web pages in their entirety and as originally intended.

Eran Wyler, CEO and founder of InfoGin, believes that whilst there will be a core of mobile phone users and iPod followers willing to pay for the iPhone, there is a much wider audience who still want to enjoy the real internet on their existing mobile device, without having to make a new purchase.
“UK mobile operators have recently taken very positive steps to encourage the uptake of mobile internet, by introducing flat rate data tariffs and, in some instances, enhancing existing mobile internet portals. The iPhone demonstrates that it is possible to go one step further and surf the real web, in its entirety, and have a great experience in the process.
InfoGin believes that mobile operators should continue to extend this great experience to all customers, regardless of their mobile device. With a server-based solution such as InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform™, any web page is automatically analyzed and displayed with the most important content shown first. No content is lost or stripped out and any phone, from a WAP 1.0 device through to the latest 3G smartphone, can surf the real web via InfoGin with the best user experience.

” Such a platform is of low cost. The iPhone is set to revolutionize the way in which its users access the internet. Why shouldn’t such an opportunity, which is already available, be extended to everyone who currently owns a mobile device?

For further information or to speak with Eran Wyler, InfoGin’s CEO and founder, please contact us at info@infogin.com

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