UK Trial Proves Mobile Users are Ready for the Real Web

69 per cent of users would make mobile Internet a part of their daily life if accessibility was improved

Kfar Saba, Israel, 10 May 2007 - InfoGin today announces the results of an extensive trial held across five UK universities which reveals positive responses to mobile Web surfing soaring by over 120 per cent. Moreover, 69 per cent of respondents agreed that if InfoGin's technology was implemented by their operator, they would surf the Web on their mobiles more often and consider their phone complimentary to their regular PC surfing habits. At the same time, 71 per cent of all users involved in the trial said they would be willing to pay an additional fee for access to a service like InfoGin’s that improved the mobile internet surfing experience. The trial was commissioned by InfoGin (www.infogin.com), a leading pioneer of Web to mobile content adaptation solutions.

Prior to the trial, two in three students found surfing the Internet on their mobile such a poor experience that they gave up trying. During the trial period, a thousand students from five UK universities accessed the mobile Internet through InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform™. Users picked three random web sites and accessed them once using InfoGin's platform and again without using it. As a result, 69 per cent commented that the experience was “useable or enjoyable” when accessed through InfoGin.

3G handsets offering advanced mobile data services are prevalent but accessing the Internet is still cumbersome. Prior to the trial, only 18 per cent of users found mobile Internet services to be satisfactory. 83 per cent of all trial respondents agreed that as the Web offers more social networking and online community activities, it is becoming more and more important to access the Web while being on the move.

"Today mobile phone users are faced with a very poor experience when they surf the Internet on their mobiles” said Eran Wyler, CEO and Founder, InfoGin. “We commissioned this trial to demonstrate how crucial it is for operators to be able to provide capabilities for end users to surf the real Internet on their mobiles. Students are typically early adopters of services such as mobile Internet, and the trial clearly demonstrates that operators should address such issues as download time, Web page layout and rich Web functionality on mobiles. Web surfing on mobile is definitely going to become an attractive service for the end users and one of the main revenue generators for operators in years to come.”

The trial was conducted over a three month period, from December 2006 to March 2007 and evaluated by technology research specialists Vanson Bourne. Nearly 1,000 students from five UK universities, including Newcastle, Bath and Nottingham were invited to take part in the trial to experience InfoGin’s Web to mobile technology over an extended period of time. Of these, 100 were selected at random to answer experience questions.

“The results of the survey overwhelmingly show that the students questioned were not happy with the currently poor experience of Web surfing on mobiles” commented Graham Opie at Vanson Bourne. “However, a large proportion of them agreed that they would be happy to pay a monthly fee or receive advertising in return for an improved service such as the one they experienced using InfoGin’s trial portal.”

The trial also concluded that two in three students considered access to study, research and university websites were the most important resources that they could view on their mobiles, suggesting that they can be on the move whilst continuing their studies. Next on their list of important sites to browse on their mobiles were social and community sites, including www.facebook.com (52 per cent), news and current affairs sites such as www.bbc.co.uk (46 per cent), sports sites (44 per cent) and download sites to buy wallpaper and ringtones (31 per cent).

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About InfoGin
InfoGin is a world leader and a pioneer in the field of Web to Mobile content adaptation, enabling mobile users to access any Web site they desire, optimized to their mobile device.

InfoGin’s unique solution comes from the fundamental understanding that in order to automatically adapt Web content that was designed for large screen display, the platform must “understand” the visual aspect of the page first. The content can then be presented according to its importance, with a smart navigation that enables the user to reach the desired content with a minimum number of clicks.

InfoGin’s patented technology offers a range of solutions, from a fully automatic intelligent conversion engine to professional content-editing and marketing tools that enable full control over the delivered information.

With an internationally proven track record, InfoGin is dedicated to developing technologies that dramatically reduce the time-to-market of new services, while maximizing the efficiency and the quality of mobile content delivery. InfoGin's clientele show an immediate growth in average monthly customer usage attributed to increased content variety, improved content quality and enhanced user experience.

In 2006, InfoGin was awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Enhancement Award for its innovative technological breakthrough in the European market.

Established in April, 2000, InfoGin is headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit www.infogin.com .

About Vanson Bourne Incorporated
in 1999, Vanson Bourne is a specialist technology market research consultancy, whose clients range from global corporations to small, highly specialised start-ups. We provide research expertise and market insight using analysis and advice based on incisive and rigorous research into their market environment. For more information, visit www.vansonbourne.com .

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