Web Sites Not to Blame for Lack of Mobile Internet Demand

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Web hosting company, Hostway, yesterday revealed that 73% of UK consumers don't currently access the Internet from their mobiles. Hostway director Neil Barton blames the websites for this problem, "Most web sites just aren't flexible enough to be accessed on mobile phones.

"Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin, disagrees. He believes that the problem doesn't lie with the web sites, but with a "missing link" between the mobile networks, the web sites and the variety of different handsets that are in circulation.
Wyler says: "Unsurprisingly, Hostway's research shows the lack of demand for the mobile Internet is due to frustration of slow loading pages, navigation difficulties and sites that don't work on mobiles. People expect the Internet on mobile phones to look like and feel exactly the same as on a PC. Asking web developers to create special mobile versions of their sites with limited images and content is hugely time intensive and won't give consumers what they really want.

"In the US, the mobile Internet is already taking off at an astounding pace, thanks to some of the world's largest ISPs and mobile operators implementing network-level solutions. These solutions automatically adapt the original site to the mobile device’s physical and functional capabilities, providing excellent content presentation on even the smallest mobile device, and can resolve all the issues relating to slow loading pages, navigation and sites that don't work."

If you would like to speak to Eran Wyler to discuss further the future of the mobile internet please contact Bettina Winters at Hotwire on 0207 608 4670.

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