Britain Lags Behind on Mobile Internet

InfoGin research shows one in three would use the Internet on their mobiles if it was like "the real thing"

Internet World, London, UK, 9 May 2006 - One in three (33%) British mobile phone users want to surf the web on their mobile phones, but only if it is like the true Internet environment. To date only one in ten (11%) British mobile users have browsed the Internet on a mobile, compared to over one in four (28%) world wide*, according to new research commissioned by InfoGin, a leading pioneer in the field of web to mobile content adaptation. The survey of 900 mobile users, conducted by Ipsos MORI, indicates that despite clear consumer demand, UK mobile operators have not put enough focus on enabling true web browsing on mobile phones.

InfoGin's experience from around the globe demonstrates that in reality, adoption would be far higher than indicated by the research. AOL, the largest ISP in the US, has been using InfoGin's solution and as a result, has seen usage of its mobile web service catapult to more than one million page views per day. InfoGin's customers typically see an increase of more than 70% growth in overall data usage of existing successful portals and an increase of more than 300% over a period of less than a year where new and innovative data services, based on InfoGin's platform, were launched.

The activities that are currently leading Britain's growth in mobile data services are based around entertainment and interactive tools. The research showed that 10% use their mobiles to search for sports results and gaming while 9% use instant messaging and email. Keeping informed was slightly less popular with 6% looking for news, weather and other information.
"Our research indicates that UK mobile operators have not yet fully embraced the potential of the mobile Internet while they focus on other mobile data services such as mobile TV. There is clear demand and a potential of 8.7 million new users," said Eran Wyler, CEO and founder of InfoGin.

"The Brits' love for sports is driving growth with two thirds of men surfing the Internet on their mobiles to check checking the latest results, suggesting that the World Cup could provide an upturn in demand. We can certainly resolve any outstanding issues pertaining to Internet surfing on the mobile for UK operators well in time for the World Cup so that the British football fans can keep a close eye on the teams without having to pay for special services. Such a service will enable operators to unleash the potential upsurge in demand for mobile data usage around this peak time," Wyler concluded.

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* World wide figure of 28% sourced from Ipsos Insight Face Of The Web 2005 report

Technical Note

Interviews were conducted via the Ipsos MORI Capibus between 21and 27 April 2006, amongst 900 adults (aged 16+ across Great Britain) who use a mobile phone. All interviews are conducted face to face, in the home - one interview per household. To ensure representative findings data was weighted to match known population profile.

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