InfoGin and AOL Expand Alliance to Make it Easier For Mobile Users to Search and Browse the Web

CTIA Wireless 2006 in Las Vegas, NV- April 3, 2006 - InfoGin, a leading pioneer in the field of Web to Mobile content adaptation, today announced that it has expanded on its relationship with AOL. AOL uses InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform™ to power the mobile AOL® Search services, including the new mobile browsing service announced today. InfoGin’s technology automatically adapts Web pages for mobile screens to make it easy for consumers to navigate the Web and find anything they need, using their mobile device.

The mobile AOL® Search services were first launched in July 2005. Following a steady and successful uptake, the service is now generally available to wireless subscribers from any mobile device. With the newly enhanced mobile AOL Search services and InfoGin's technology, mobile users can enjoy a familiar Internet experience, accessing full Web content from any wireless device.

"We selected InfoGin's solution to quickly meet rising consumer demand for mobile search and browsing services,” said Eric Engstrom, senior vice president of Products for AOL’s wireless group “We’re pleased to expand on our relationship with InfoGin to make it easier than ever for mobile users to access their favorite Web sites and services on the go.”

Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin said: “Our unique approach originates from recognizing that in order to view a web page that was originally designed for a large screen display, the 'visual aspect' of the Web page must be analyzed; only with such technology any Web site can be automatically adapted and optimized for small displays and easy navigation. Working closely with AOL, our technology has helped AOL to provide the industry’s best user experience, driving smooth delivery and consumption of innovative mobile data services.”

InfoGin's Intelligent Mobile Platform (IMP™) is an end-to-end solution for automatic Web to mobile content adaptation, allowing mobile users to access any content they desire, optimized to their mobile device, while offering a range of solutions which enhance mobile surfing experience. Real-time optimal reformatting of content written in any markup language (Web [HTML], i-mode [i/cHTML], WAP [WML 1.X, xHTML MP] etc.) is adapted to any mobile device without compromising content richness and functionality. Typical Web activities like search, shop comparison, local listings and maps are all available.

InfoGin’s IMP™ has been successfully deployed commercially by mobile operators (operating CDMA & GSM networks), content aggregators and Internet Service Providers around the globe. Among our customers are the top tier players from the US, Asia, Europe and Israel. Our customers' commercial results indicate a continuous, significant increase in monthly usage traffic and a dramatic reduction in time-to-market delivery of rich Web services to the mobile space. Following the implementation of the InfoGin solution, our customers report a resulting 90% overall saving on the operational costs of creating and handling web content, as well as a significant reduction in the time required to add and integrate new mobile devices with existing services.

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About InfoGin
InfoGin is a world leader and a pioneer in the field of Web to Mobile content adaptation, enabling mobile users to access any content they desire, optimized to their mobile device, while offering a range of solutions which enhance mobile surfing experience.

With an internationally proven track record for mobile content adaptation around the globe, InfoGin is dedicated to developing technologies that dramatically reduce the time-to-market of new services, while maximizing the efficiency and the quality of mobile content delivery.

InfoGin's clientele show an immediate growth in average monthly customer usage attributed to increased content variety, improved content quality and enhanced user experience. InfoGin’s flagship product, the Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™), enables real-time optimal reformatting of Web content to any mobile device, without compromising the Web’s richness or the device functionality.

InfoGin’s platform offers a range of solutions, from a fully automatic intelligent conversion engine to professional content-editing and marketing tools that enable full control over the delivered information.

Established in April, 2000, InfoGin is headquartered in Kfar-Saba, Israel. For more information, visit www.infogin.com

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