InfoGin Showcases New Technology for Real Internet Surfing on Smartphones

New features maximize the full capabilities of high-end devices and strengthen operator brand presence

Mobile Internet World 2008 Expo, Boston, October 22, 2008 – InfoGin (www.infogin.com), a pioneer and global market leader in the field of Web-to-mobile Content & Functionality Adaptation solutions is showcasing its latest technologies for high-end devices at the Mobile Internet World show in Boston, Massachusetts, October 21-23.
InfoGin’s new service helps operators maximize the full capabilities of high-end devices, further enhances the operator’s brand presence and encourages mobile users to increase consumption of off-portal content - resulting in the ultimate mobile surfing experience.
The featured new user interface for high-end devices utilizes and enhances the native capabilities of built-in browsers. As new high-end devices are introduced into the market (such as the iPhone, LG Dare and many others), some include built-in and greatly improved browsers. However, none of these device browsers match the desktop browsing experience.
InfoGin’s technology is designed to further enhance the functionality of high-end devices by offering mobile operators a customization interface, enabling such enhancements as expansion and collapsing of navigation menus within an adapted Web page, insertion of tool tips for each menu option, enabling advanced auto-scrolling and toggling between various content views (e.g., mobile site and a PC view). At the same time, InfoGin’s technology utilizes the full capabilities of the device’s browser, such as JavaScript. Thus, mobile users with high-end devices can fully benefit from the device’s advanced features and experience the best real Internet browsing available today, while leveraging the operator’s brand.
Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin, said “We are continually focusing on innovative technologies and services for mobile operators. The new enhancements for high-end devices truly enable operators to maintain the leading edge in a rapidly changing and dynamic mobile handset marketplace. and expand their marketing campaigns as well as promote product offerings to further drive uptake of content.”

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