InfoGin Reaches Significant Subscriber Milestone for Real Web Surfing on Mobile Devices

More than 20 million users worldwide are browsing the real Web on the device of their choice powered by InfoGin’s Web-to-mobile content adaptation platform

CTIA FALL, San Francisco — October 23, 2007 — InfoGin, a leading pioneer in the field of Web-to-mobile content adaptation solutions, today announced that more than 20 million mobile users worldwide are using its patented Web-to-mobile content adaptation technology, the Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™), to browse the Web on their mobile devices. InfoGin’s IMP has been successfully deployed commercially by top mobile operators (operating CDMA and GSM networks), such as Virgin Mobile (UK), Mobilkom Austria Group (part of Vodafone), AIS (Thailand) and KPN (the Netherlands), while leading content providers such as AOL, MapQuest and InfoSpace are also utilizing InfoGin’s platform to ensure subscribers have the best possible Web experience from their mobile phones.

InfoGin’s technology allows subscribers to surf any Web site they desire on any mobile device. Mobile users are quickly and easily navigating to the favorite section of Web sites they are familiar with from their desktop PCs, finding their way via the IMP's smart navigation features, which eliminate the need to scroll through any Web content that is not relevant to them. “Reaching this significant user milestone is yet another demonstration that individuals around the world desire the real Internet while on the move,” said Eran Wyler, CEO and Founder of InfoGin.

“Furthermore, it shows how instrumental our technology is in helping leading content providers and network operators boost customer loyalty and generate additional new, significant revenue streams.” InfoGin customers' commercial results show a continuous, significant increase in monthly usage traffic and a dramatic reduction in time-to-market delivery of rich Web services to the mobile space. Following the implementation of the InfoGin solution, either on site or via server-based hosted services, customers report a doubling of Web site traffic and as much as an 80 percent decrease in the operational costs of creating and handling Web content, as well as a significant reduction in the time required to add and integrate new mobile devices with existing services.

Comprised of a range of solutions, from a fully automatic intelligent conversion engine to professional content-editing and marketing tools that enable Web publishers to easily create a mobile version of their content with minimum time-to-market and costs, InfoGin’s platform reduces the resources and costs necessary to enable the Internet in the mobile environment, thus leading to significantly increased average monthly usage of data services.

With Web to mobile content adaptation technology, mobile users are able to simulate their PCbrowsing experience, as the technology automatically and in real-time analyzes the content of the Web page, determines the meaning of each and every object in the page, and presents the content according to its importance, with a smart navigation that enables the user to reach the desired content with a minimum number of clicks. An adaptation layer reformats the content according to the device's physical and network characteristics. This way, the surfing experience is raised to the best possible level, which looks and feels as if the Web page has actually been manually customized for the specific device.

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