InfoGin Announces Major New Release

New features expand reach to multimedia content, boost download time and improve browsing experience for consumers on any handset

CTIA 2009, Las Vegas, April 1, 2009 – InfoGin (www.infogin.com), a global market leader in Web to mobile Content & Functionality Adaptation solutions today announces a major release V8.4 of its flagship product, the Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™). InfoGin’s platform is already commercially deployed with more than 40 top-tier operators and service providers across the globe, enabling more than 23 million mobile users to enjoy the best Internet experience on any device. The new version includes features that will enable mobile users to reach a plethora of multimedia content from the Web that was previously not available to them, as well as enhance the user browsing experience on any mobile device.

Major new features include:
  • Automatic detection of rich multimedia content from an unlimited number of Web sites.
    Many Web sites include rich multimedia content, designed for viewing on desktop browsers that cannot normally be enjoyed on a mobile device. InfoGin has developed a set of proprietary algorithms that automatically identify a video or an audio clip within a Web page and then convert the clip to the requesting device according to the relevant codec. With such capabilities, InfoGin provides access to an unlimited number of rich multimedia clips, streaming them in real-time to any mobile device.
  • "Write Once, Deliver to Many" - InfoGin's Content Development Platform (CDP™) V2.0 provides content owners with the ability to create rich mobile content rapidly and easily. By developing a single version that is of the highest quality and creativity level – the same as the Web - content owners do not need to invest efforts in developing multiple versions of content for different device families. The platform maximizes each and every device’s unique browser capabilities. Furthermore, content owners can leverage on InfoGin’s automatic adaptation engine by developing fully customized mobile sites comprised from different sources, thus overcoming all the complexities involved in designing mobile sites for devices with varying physical characteristics, limitations and capabilities.
  • Significant performance enhancements - InfoGin’s new version delivers best of breed user experience by introducing unique capabilities that boost and optimize its Web to mobile content adaptation offering. The new version ensures enhanced performance by using more effective data structures to accelerate page formatting, optimizing sources usage, load balancing and image processing. InfoGin's best-of-breed content rendering is now served significantly faster to any mobile device.
  • Comprehensive Device Coverage – InfoGin has enhanced its unique and proprietary device database, expanding support to include more than 9,000 mobile devices. The database includes hundreds of unique properties for each device, ensuring superior presentation and functionality. The platform includes different methods to keep its device database up-to-date with any device that is released to the market, including an automated learning mechanism with an intuitive interface for easy configuration.
  • Marketing Intelligence - InfoGin's set of personalization tools includes History/Favorites and Preference Settings; the new version also enables mobile users to view and share the top most popular Web sites on the same network. The IMP enables data mining of usage information and creates dedicated services designed to improve the user's surfing experience.
Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin, commented: “Recent consumer expectation to surf the Internet on mobile devices in the same way as on a desktop has left both operators and content owners facing their biggest challenge to date.” He continues, “For operators, the enhancements provide a quantum leap in their ability to expand their Web services and enable mobile users to surf rich content from the Web on any handset. For the content community, the enhancements provide the ability to maintain their creativity with no limits and create new, engaging content for any mobile device, at a fraction of the time.”

About InfoGin
InfoGin is the pioneer and market leader in the field of Web to mobile content & functionality adaptation, providing mobile users with the ultimate browsing experience on any mobile device. With over nine years of research & development, InfoGin is entirely focused on how to deliver the real Web’s richness to the mobile space. InfoGin’s patented technology ranges from a fully automatic and real-time intelligent Web content adaptation engine, to professional editing and development tools. InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™) is commercially deployed since 2002 with over 40 top mobile operators and large content providers worldwide, extending the Web’s reach to hundreds of millions of mobile users. InfoGin’s customers report a phenomenal increase in data usage, as well as a significant contribution to their existing mobile data offerings.
InfoGin’s IMP™ is an award-winning platform based on a unique approach which automatically and in real-time analyzes Web page content & functionality, for optimal presentation and ease of navigation on mobile devices.
The recipient of numerous industry awards for innovation, outstanding growth (one of EMEA’s fastest growing companies in 2007 & 2008) and significant customer value enhancement, InfoGin is recognized as the key provider of content & functionality adaptation solutions for the mobile industry, serving operators and content providers alike. Established in April 2000, InfoGin is headquartered near Tel-Aviv, Israel.
InfoGin’s IMP™ is a complete Content & Functionality Adaptation platform that supports all mobile browsers, languages and advanced Web page features, and is available in a number of operating systems.
For more information, visit www.infogin.com.

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