InfoGin Announces Major New Release of its Web-to-Mobile Content & Functionality Adaptation Platform

Las Vegas, Nevada (CTIA Spring) April 1, 2008 – InfoGin, a pioneer and the global market leader in the field of Web-to-mobile Content & Functionality Adaptation solutions today announced the new version of its Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™) at the CTIA Spring show. InfoGin’s IMP™ is a complete Content & Functionality Adaptation platform that supports all mobile browsers, languages and advanced Web page features, and is available on the most popular operating system environments.

Set to revolutionize the mobile surfing experience, this latest version 8.0 features advanced functional support for rich Web technologies on mobile, presentation and smart navigation aids, unique user interface customization for high end devices, downloading and streaming of video and audio, advanced personalization features and device management tool enhancements.

“Mobile users today expect the ultimate browsing experience when surfing Web content on their mobiles, and InfoGin, from day one, has always focused on research and development of technologies which will enable mobile users to surf the real Internet to achieve this,” stated Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin. “With this new release, operators will truly be able to make the quantum leap to significantly increase uptake of mobile data services and ensure their users a premier mobile browsing experience. Version 8.0 is a robust and easy to maintain platform that provides operators with a complete content and functionality adaptation solution to keep the leading edge and significantly drive uptake of data and content services.”

The new version of IMP includes the following added features:

Support for multimedia-rich content enabling operators to provide:
-  Live streaming of content to any mobile device enabled with a multimedia streaming player
-  Dynamic adaptation of video and audio streaming output bit rate according to the available network bandwidth
-  Support for quick access to direct links to multimedia content within a Web page

Business Intelligence and Report System enabling operators to query and acquire information about subscriber behaviour and view complex reports with state of the art On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) architecture.

Functional support enhancements for delivering rich Web applications:
-  Support for Web sites that are AJAX-driven
-  JavaScript support for handling of the tab feature available in high end devices
-  Support for embedded popups
-  Support for HTML iFrames features, enabling automatic retrieval of a page’s iFrames, including content presented in the adapted page according to its importance.

Presentation enhancements that enable the best possible viewing of Web content:
-  Enhancing the detection of mobile sites and the ability to toggle between a mobile and Web version of a site
-  Viewing in a PC layout mode (PC View), in which a Web site is viewed as it would be on a regular PC browser, optimized for quick download
-  Support for image zooming, applied to images that are wider than the device screen size
-  Enhancements to page map view, including the ability to set the page map view as the start page viewed when entering a new site
-  Enhanced support for handling tables, including a Visible Tables feature enhancing the presentation and improving user orientation of tables that are originally wider than the device’s screen width.

Smart navigation aids for easy navigation and access to desired content within the Web pages:
-  Utilizing high-end devices capabilities (e.g. JavaScript ) by creating Expandable navigation icons, enabling expansion and collapse for inclusion of additional sub-menu options
-  Configurable navigation icons, enabling customization of different navigation schemes for the various families of devices, such as low-end and high-end devices, according to their capabilities
-  Immediate directing (‘Jump to’) to video links, audio links and RSS content feeds within a page
-  Unique Auto-scroll features enabling the user to review the page contents or read an article without the need to physically scroll with the phone! The scroll speed can be fully controlled by the user.

Advanced personalization tools for a completely personalized browsing experience:
-  Storing of history and favorites bookmarks
-  Setting user preferences to define preferred display settings for mobile browsing (such as page layout, type of content adaptation, look and feel, deck size and many more)
-  Utilizing user data for targeting advertisement campaigns.

Device management tool enhancements enabling mobile operators to easily maintain device configuration and:
-  Enhancements to InfoGin’s device customization wizard
-  Support for more than 5,700 devices

In addition to the new version of IMP, InfoGin’s offerings now include a complete Web-to-mobile Content & Functionality Adaptation platform, catering to operators, content aggregators and search providers. The modules include the following tools and advanced professional services:

• Web-to-mobile content and functionality adaptation utilizing automatic and real-time technology to deliver the best Internet surfing experience on any mobile device.

• Multimedia transcoder enabling mobile users to enjoy watching live streaming video and listening to audio files from their favourite sites on any mobile device.

• Mobile Matrix transcoder providing a complete markup language and image conversion solution. The Mobile Matrix transcoder supports multiple matrix conversions from any mobile markup language to any mobile browser markup language.

• Documents transcoder, analyzing and extracting any content, such as text or document links from Web sites and emails (Word, PDF, RTF, TXT and RSS).

• Content editing and development tools that enable content owners to quickly and easily redesign and modify existing Web content, as well as create new sites for the mobile environment.

• Business Intelligence and report system, enabling operators to acquire information about subscriber behavior and requirements, ensuring that the system’s performance levels are always monitored and that all reporting requirements needs are met. Based on OLAP architecture, generating timely answers to analytical queries that are multidimensional in nature.

• Branded Header and Footer, strengthening operator branding and presence, providing them with tools that emphasize the wide scope of their rich content service offerings.

• Advertisement and promotion tools, aligning the operator’s advertising strategy with the Internet’s advertising business model. This enables the placement of smart contextual and behavioural advertisements and promotional campaigns within the header and footer of any content displayed on a mobile device.

• Device management, combining a single point of device configuration with a unified device management solution. Includes a comprehensive database of thousands of devices and a unique device learning mechanism.

• Personalization tools and services, enabling users to actively take part in the personalization process and browse mobile content using their own preferences. Features include storing of Favorites and History.

• Content Optimization, featuring a unique caching mechanism, device-specific optimization and compression to dramatically reduce both the download and response time of adapted Web content.

Advanced Professional Services:

• Web Site Customization - a service designed for operators, service and content providers offering comprehensive optimization and tailoring of any Web content for the mobile environment.

• Device Update - enabling operators to outsource their device management tasks, providing them with the most updated profile and attributes of every device in the market.

• High-End Devices User Interface Customization - utilizing the native capabilities of built-in browsers in the most advanced devices to enhance the Internet surfing experience.

InfoGin’s complete range of Web-to-mobile Content & Functionality Adaptation solutions will be demonstrated at CTIA in Las Vegas at InfoGin’s meeting room number 573.

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About InfoGin
Established in April 2000 and headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel, InfoGin is a pioneer and market leader offering a complete Web-to-mobile content and functionality adaptation solution that provides mobile users with the ultimate Internet experience on any mobile device. Based on more than eight years of research, InfoGin’s patented technology ranges from a fully automatic and real time intelligent conversion engine to professional content editing and marketing tools. The Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™) enables complete control over all content delivered to mobile devices.

InfoGin’s technology is commercially deployed with more than 32 top tier operators, leading content aggregators and search providers worldwide. InfoGin’s customers report a phenomenal increase in data usage, doubling their overall portal traffic in less than three months – without cannibalizing their existing data offerings, and reducing by more than 80% the operational costs of creating content and managing the configuration of mobile devices. InfoGin’s technology has provided more than 20 million mobile users across the globe the best real Internet surfing experience on a daily basis, spanning more than 5,700 mobile devices. For more information, visit  www.infogin.com.

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