724 Solutions and InfoGin Delivering Seamless Mobile Internet Experience for Next Generation Data Services

Proven Partnership between 724 Solutions and InfoGin uniquely enabling an enhanced end user experience for next generation Mobile Internet services

CTIA Wireless, Santa Barbara, CA and Kfar-Saba, Israel (April 1, 2008) — 724 Solutions, a leading provider of next generation mobile data solutions enabling seamless communications in an IP-based world, and InfoGin, the pioneer and market leader in the field of Web-to-mobile content and functionality adaptation solutions, today announced a partnership in which 724’s Seamless Access Content Adaptation Module will be powered by InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform TM (IMP™).

With several deployments in progress at mobile operators in Europe and Asia Pacific, 724’s Seamless Access solution, integrated with InfoGin’s IMP™, allows those mobile operators to enhance the quality of end users’ browsing experience and as a result, increase Mobile Internet activity and data services revenues. The joint solution analyzes standard web site traffic in realtime and adapts Web pages into a format that is usable and compatible with the inherent capabilities of the mobile device.

The enhanced end user experience was demonstrated live at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February and will again be shown live at 724’s booth # 711 at CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas. Guests can enjoy an enhanced, optimized, seamless Mobile Internet experience from the open Internet with access to premium services and content including mobile search, value-add downloads and mobile advertising business opportunities.

“Mobile operators need to deliver the most seamless, intuitive Mobile Internet experience to subscribers in order to satisfy their customers’ demand for access to services and information,” said Ian Pattison, Chief Technology Officer at 724 Solutions. “Our partnership with a market leader of InfoGin’s caliber provides mobile network operators with an integrated in-network solution, enabling users to access any content from their mobile devices, without requiring a new handset or a new device client for these new services.”

“We are pleased to partner with 724 Solutions to ensure more mobile users around the world can enjoy a superior mobile browsing experience of content,” stated Eran Wyler, CEO & Founder of InfoGin. “Our market deployments to date demonstrate that InfoGin’s technology, based on more than eight years of research and expertise of usability of content on mobiles can drive a tremendous increase in data usage for mobile operators, as well as boost their overall portal traffic and reduce operational costs of creating content and managing the configuration of mobile devices.”

“With the open Mobile Internet, mobile operators must deploy the capabilities for a seamless, superior end user experience for customer loyalty, brand reputation and to drive data usage,” said Phil Marshall, Vice President Yankee Group. “We believe solving this problem at the network level, with an integrated solution is necessary to achieve broad reach while minimizing the necessary change in subscriber behavior.”

724’s Seamless Access solution is an intelligent any-to-any service traffic management solution for next generation networks. At its core is an extensible multi-channel platform that extends horizontally to support all forms of service traffic and vertically to support a deep set of valueadded functionality. The Seamless Access Solution is integrated to a mobile operator's other network elements once; it is then used to manage access traffic from subscribers and content providers in a consistent manner and is easily extended to handle future protocols, interfaces and value-added service concepts as data services requirements evolve.

InfoGin’s Intelligent Mobile Platform TM is a server-based middleware platform based on a revolutionary approach that eliminates the need to reinvent the Web for the mobile environment. The platform delivers any Web page to any mobile device, ranging from legacy to high-end devices, including content and functionality from sites that contain advanced rich Web technologies, such as JavaScript forms and code, AJAX sites, dynamic menus, Word, PDF, Flash, streaming audio and video, image maps and fragmented images, RSS content and many more. In this way, the surfing experience is optimized, and the Web page is displayed as though it was customized for the specific device, maintaining the richness of the content and a desktop navigation experience with which users are familiar.

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About 724 Solutions
 724 Solutions delivers intelligent any-to-any service message and traffic handling solutions built upon a common carrier-grade architecture that allows mobile network operators and virtual network operators to rapidly deploy flexible and open next generation IP-based network and data services. The company's solutions enable the Unwired Lifestyle™, 724's vision of seamless communication without barriers; a vision of how subscribers will use mobile data services to enhance and enrich their professional and private lives with services relevant to their specific needs, with user communities preserved across generations of technology and with data services as reliable and ubiquitous as voice services. 724 Solutions is a global company headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and with development centers in Switzerland and India. 724 Solutions is privately owned by Austin Ventures. For more information, please visit www.724.com.

About InfoGin
InfoGin is a pioneer and market leader offering a complete Web-to-mobile functionality and content adaptation solution that provides mobile users with the ultimate Internet experience on any mobile device. Based on more than eight years of research, InfoGin’s patented technology ranges from a fully automatic and real time intelligent conversion engine to professional content editing and marketing tools. The Intelligent Mobile Platform™ (IMP™) enables complete control over all content delivered to mobile devices. 
InfoGin’s technology is commercially deployed with more than 32 top tier operators, leading content aggregators and search providers worldwide. InfoGin’s customers report a phenomenal increase in data usage, doubling their overall portal traffic in less than three months – without cannibalizing their existing data offerings, and reducing by more than 80% the operational costs of creating content and managing the configuration of mobile devices. InfoGin’s technology has provided more than 20 million mobile users across the globe the best real Internet surfing experience on a daily basis, spanning more than 5,700 mobile devices. InfoGin was established in April 2000 and is headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit www.infogin.com .

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